Are you waiting for the big sign or something huge to happen or to come your way so you can know for sure your purpose on this earth? Perhaps you are feeling discouraged or lack excitement about what you are doing with your life. Or, maybe you feel the nudging to pursue something more and you aren’t sure what that means.

What I know for sure is that you have to allow your purpose to come to you. But, how do you do that?

Each day you get to decide that you are called to fulfill a greater need outside of yourself and each day you can ask God to use you by simply saying “God, use me today. Open my heart to serve, my eyes to see new opportunities and my keep my mind clear and free of distractions. Show me how to serve others and use me today, God.”

In your desire to find purpose and meaning, it is always a beautiful idea to make serving others a priority in your life. Through helping others, we can often find deeper fulfillment in our own life.

To feel the absolute depth of your purpose in life and to deepen your heart and expand your mind you can use some essential oils over your heart. I recommend a few.

Roman Chamomile is the oil of spiritual purpose and supports you in discovering and living in your true purpose. If you are looking to move beyond the meaningless and mundane activities in your life and focus on true fulfillment and abundant joy, try a bit of Roman Chamomile over your heart or apply a drop to your forehead to encourage the divine meaning in your life.

Frankincense is the oil of truth and supports you in discovering and living in truth and light. It allows you to move past negativity, doubt and fear of the unknown to be connected to God to receive more of what you desire. Apply a drop to your forehead or the crown of your head or put a few drops in your diffuser.

Blue Tansy is the oil of inspired action and supports you in change and in taking action. It helps you move past the feelings of being lethargic, feeling drained, apathy, and exhaustion. It invites you to dream about the life you desire to live. Inhale from the bottle or apply a drop over your wrists of solar plexus.

Copaiba is the oils of unveiling and allows you to discern the messages and meanings of the things showing up in your life. It allows you to become clear and thoughtfully aware of the meaning of life without judgment or negativity. Apply a drop over your heart or sacrum or add a few drops to your diffuser.

Hi, I’m Hannah.

I am on a mission to help mothers learn how to take care of their families using essential oils in a natural and safe way. I am here to guide you in learning ways to use essential oils for emotional and physical support in an effective and affordable way. Join me in the journey!

I believe that with the right tools, we as mothers can feel great about supporting our families. My desire is to share, educate and support you in learning how you can be the best mother possible while using essential oils as one of your tools. You deserve to feel happy, healthy and amazing!.

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