When I first got my kit of doTERRA essential oils in the spring of 2012, I was simply a lover and user of all things natural that would support my growing family. My purchase of my essential oils kit was for the sole purpose of using them with my clients in massage therapy and for my family as a form of supporting us be physically and emotionally well. A year later, I was about to have my 2nd baby and was looking for a way to be home with my boys more and to continue to serve and help others who desired to live a natural lifestyle. I never thought that sharing education about essential oils was my path, but my heart knew that helping other families learn about essential oils was going to be part of my purpose.

I became very intentional about consistently teaching others about oils and helping others get their needs met with essential oils and found that I was able to significantly contribute to our finances.

I love every part about what I do! Families get the essential oils they need. My work is very fulfilling and flexible so I can go to all the sports and school events and be with my kids while also feeling like I am contributing to the world in a huge way. Growing a team of amazing women who also desire to educate, guide, and support other families has made this journey feel important and worthwhile.

We would love to have you join our team. Come meet our group!
Why join our team?
We care.

As essential oil educators, our team cares about you! You deserve to feel good and when you don’t, you should have options available to feel your best. Our team goal is to serve you. We get that every family has individual needs and when we meet with you, you will feel listened to, supported, and cared for in getting the right solutions for you and your family.

We are knowledgeable.

As leaders, we strive to be as educated as we can about essential oils, their benefits, and safety so we can feel confident to support you and your family in the best possible way. We want to make sure we are giving you the best information so you can make informed decisions for you and your family!

We get you.

Many of us are fellow moms. Some of us are dog moms. Whatever your need is, we have perhaps been there too. Our collective experiences allow us to help you get answers and solutions to your family’s needs.

We support you.

When you make the valuable investment into a purchase of essential oils, you will continue to have guidance and support. Our team has some awesome resources for continuing education and you will become a part of a community of like-minded people who are for and support one another.

” I have a passion for natural health and helping others, and my passions have come together beautifully with doTERRA. As a mother to 3 small children, I witness the benefits of oils first hand on a daily basis and feel compelled to tell others.
Once the success stories of friends and family started to stack up, I knew I was looking at something that could change the trajectory of lives. Using that excitement to fuel my passion, I have a goal of impacting as many lives as possible.”

doTERRA Gold, Greenfield, MO

” Discovering doTERRA was life-changing for me. After suffering from environmental and chemical allergies, I had to find a natural solution to replace chemical cleaners, candles and smell-good plugins. What I found was so much bigger and better. Now I have a line of defense for ailments, cleaning, emotional needs she feels compelled to share it with the people who are looking for the same answers I was looking for. It doesn’t even stop there! I emphasize that joining a team with uplifting and encouraging people who share their wins and losses has been so helpful when building this business. The friendships have been as important to me as the oils! “

doTERRA Elite, Grand Prairie, TX

” dōTERRA essential oils have had a huge role in my personal health journey. Because of the impact these oils have had on my health and happiness, I naturally started sharing oils with the people around me and my business blossomed. Being a member of this team has helped me strengthen my business and entrepreneurial skills. Through the business opportunity that dōTERRA offers, I know that I can design and implement the life I’ve always dreamed of! “

doTERRA Silver, Dallas, TX

” I was a skeptic of the whole natural way of living until I had my first experience with essential oils. Since then I have been sharing the benefits with my family and friends and I never plan to stop. How could I? We have something so powerful right at our fingertip and best of all they are from the earth! I know this is part of my God-given purpose in life and I get so much joy and fulfillment from sharing these oils with the world! “

doTERRA Gold, Benbrook, TX

What does it take to get started?

1. Pick a kit that fits your needs and start using your oils.

You can join and share the love with any starter kit. But there are a few kits you will want to keep your eye on if you plan to share the love: The Natural Solutions Kit, The Every Oil Kit, or The Diamond Kit. The most popular option is the Natural Solutions kit for $550 that comes with 100 free points to use towards products. It includes the most popular oils, a diffuser that runs up to 10 hours, the amazing supplement system, and several more fun goodies! It also comes with everything you need to teach classes and get really ready to share your love of oils with others! If you are ready to make this investment, let us help bvyou dream about your ideas on getting started!


To receive your monthly paycheck, this is the ONLY requirement. Such a small investment with the potential of a huge payout. There are plenty of amazing doTERRA products that you can plan to budget for…including vitamins, toothpaste, laundry detergent, deodorant, and cleaning products. It’s easy to cover this by budging a few items for doTERRA that you might normally purchase at your local grocers.


Give samples and start talking about these oils that you love! You’ll naturally want to start sharing with other and helping them learn as you fall in love with using your oils every day! You’ll love to see the way that essential oils will begin to help people change their lives and when you come from a place in your heart, you’ll never feel like you are salesy or annoying to anyone.


The plan doTERRA has set in place to compensate people who build a business is generous and amazing! It has truly changed our lives for the better and allowed us to have experiences I didn’t think we could have. It has also enabled our family to give back in some incredible ways!


The only thing keeping you from your dreams is your story about why you can’t have it. Dare to believe that you can live a life free of debt, worry, and being tied down. There are endless possibilities in life if you explore and pursue your dreams!

Hi, I’m Hannah.

I am on a mission to help mothers learn how to take care of their families using essential oils in a natural and safe way. I am here to guide you in learning ways to use essential oils for emotional and physical support in an effective and affordable way. Join me in the journey!

I believe that with the right tools, we as mothers can feel great about supporting our families. My desire is to share, educate and support you in learning how you can be the best mother possible while using essential oils as one of your tools. You deserve to feel happy, healthy and amazing!.

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