Are you pregnant and trying to decide if you’ll take a childbirth class? Educating yourself is an excellent way to prepare for a healthy pregnancy, an amazing birth and a healthy new baby.

Top Five Reasons YOU Need a Childbirth Class

1. Knowledge is Power. Classes can help mothers and fathers truly understand what to expect during pregnancy, how to confidently prepare for birth, and make informed choices. Many childbirth education classes, such as Birth Boot Camp, educate couples about what to expect during pregnancy and birth, such as, prenatal testing options, eating nutritionally, exercises to help prepare for birth, understanding body changes during pregnancy, stages of birth, breastfeeding, and even how to prepare for the unexpected. Knowing your options and having good childbirth preparation can empower you to make the right choices for your pregnancy and as you prepare for the birth you desire!

2. Accountability. When you take a childbirth class and attend for several weeks, it helps build your accountability to stay up with the information you are learning such as eating right, exercising, and researching your birth choices. Your fellow classmates can often become friends that support you during this exciting time of pregnancy, in preparing for the birth and for the journey of motherhood.

3. It’s a Date. Whether it’s your first baby or seventh, date night (or day) is essential to your marriage, especially during pregnancy. Childbirth classes help set a specific night each week that you and your partner have to get away. Couples often learn a lot about each other when taking a childbirth class. It can help build intimacy, support and communication for one another too. Life after kids will not be the same, so make time for each other while you can.

4. Independent Childbirth Educators Work for You. Childbirth educators are specifically trained to know a lot about pregnancy and birth. An independent educator is one that works for you as the couple and not for an organization or care provider. Having an independent educator can be helpful when prepping for a birth in any setting because the education she is providing isn’t necessarily influenced by care providers or birth places. Many childbirth educators may also be doulas, midwives, or work in another area of pregnancy which gives them an even greater wealth of knowledge for their students.

5. Curriculum and Information for Success. Childbirth classes are structured to help mothers and fathers learn…A LOT. Classes come with workbooks and are designed to help parents fully understand what happens during pregnancy, the process of birth, and breastfeeding and parenting information. Teaching tools, such as, birth videos, handouts, charts, and games help couples to interact and learn from one another. Some mothers feel that reading books about pregnancy and childbirth are enough, but I have found that not all dads are as “gung ho” about reading as the mother is and he often feels a bit unprepared and overwhelmed come birthing time.

I like to encourage families to consider taking time for a natural childbirth class for all the reasons listed above. Birth Boot Camp is a 10-week course. Other “good” courses range from 6-12 weeks long. This often times is a huge commitment for couples and families but very much worth the time. But, if one night a week for several weeks is absolutely not an option for your lifestyle or you are in an area that doesn’t have access to amazing childbirth education, I would encourage you to consider taking a comprehensive childbirth class online that can offer you the same education (just without the interaction with other couples).

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I wish you the best of luck and many blessings as you prepare for an amazing birth and welcome your new baby!


“Had our first class tonight. It’s our second baby and our second time for education! So looking forward to the rest of class. Thank you, Hannah Reasoner, for a great start!” ~NH

 “Just wanted to say that my husband and I are LOVING our Birth Boot Camp classes! Hannah is so knowledgeable and passionate about the material and we love getting to spend time with other like-minded expecting couples! The Field Guide is STUFFED with priceless information. Today will be our third class and I already feel more prepared for this birth than I ever did for my first! Thank you!!”  ~RD

“The labor was pretty quick, 6 1/2 hours. Labored at home for most of it. Labored about an hour and a 1/2 at the birth center. It was amazing how much the class helped. Not to mention your massage, the acupuncture, and I was adjusted 30 minutes before I started labor.” ~ BC

“Taking the Birth Boot Camp classes was the perfect thing to help me be ready to have my baby. My labor and delivery went well and I know it was due to the classes. I will definitely be recommending this program to others.” ~VM