There are two basic feelings….LOVE AND FEAR.

When you are living in a space of love, only positive feelings and emotions can come from that. When you feel fear, many of the negative emotions will come up, including anger, hate, guilt, resentment, rejection, need for approval and burden….just to name a few.

Which feeling will you choose to live in daily?

As fear based emotions begin to creep in and we notice ourselves having these negative emotions, it might be time to stop and ask ourselves “where are these feelings coming from?” For myself, I recognize them when I’ve been on social media, from the news, from the opinions of others when I am out and about or when things aren’t going my way and I can’t figure them out.

Remember, you are your own person. You have the choice on how to react to circumstances, events, and ideas around you. It’s a choice you have to feel what you feel. You may not be able to control your environment or circumstances – most of us really can’t, but you can control your reaction to it. If you take a moment to formulate your own ideas about the circumstances and respond with understanding and perspective rather than out of fear, your heart will be in a better place.

Did you know that when we think and feel something at the same time that we create a belief about it or ourselves? These beliefs can become ingrained into us and ultimately come out on a physical level as illness or pain. It’s important to keep planting good seeds into our lives instead of deep rooted weeds that overtake our emotional and physical well-being.

This month, to encourage you (and myself) to live in LOVE every single day, I am doing a Spread the Love Challenge on Facebook and Instagram. Follow my daily posts for encouragement and support to do an act of love and kindness each day February 1st – 14th.

Enter to win this AWESOME Emotional Aromatherapy Kit each time you comment on the challenge for the day on Facebook or Instagram. A winner will be randomly chosen on Wednesday, February 15th, 2017.

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Giveaway Rules:
1.) Comment and post a photo under the post of the day on the social media feed.
2.) Follow on Facebook and/or Instagram
3.) Contest is open to US residents only.
4.) Winner will be randomly chosen on February 15, 2017.

Have fun spreading the love!