Life as I know it is about to change. Our family has taken the huge leap of faith to start homeschooling our kindergarten and 2nd grade boys this fall. This process has been really interesting and fun and challenging. It’s exciting to see how this decision has all come full circle. But, let’s go back to the beginning.

It all started about four years ago when my first son was just four years old and I purchased some preschool workbooks with the intention of beginning homeschool at that time. Just little learning activities, nothing rigorous. Although I had several friends who homeschooled their children, it was those few doubting and discouraging people that made me rethink my plans and my ideas back then. And, at the time, I don’t think I had a lot of belief and faith in myself to move beyond those naysayers and go with my intuition to teach my children. So, I put my son in preschool programs. Then, it came time to think about kindergarten that was just around the corner and our family made the decision to relocate and move back to my small hometown. Starting school in a small town was safer and better in my mind and public school was a good choice for us. So we sent him to school to go to kindergarten and first grade. Each year we would evaluate our circumstances and always sent him back. But, this year was different. This year was the year we knew that it was time. I’ll come back to this, but allow me to share a side note with you first.

A lot has changed since I purchased those preschool workbooks. I now have time and financial freedom to make these kind of huge decisions. Four years ago, however, I was working as a massage therapist and childbirth educator. And, I was about a year into my essential oils business and it was starting to go strong. Needless to say, I was already tired, exhausted and not mentally or physically prepared to take on homeschooling with two young kids and three jobs. Something had to give. I knew that just to be the best mom I could be, I needed to let some things go. I read a lot of books, did a lot of praying, and went through lot of spiritual and personal growth and development to help me discover who I am and what my purpose is on this earth.

And, do you know what happened?

It became clear that I was to find what was essential to my life. I didn’t know the “how” or even the “what” it was very well. But, I had a very clear focus and a very clear “why” and it has always been to be the best human, mother and wife that I can possibly be. In getting laser focused I was able to know that my job was to continue on with essential oils and all else would take a back seat for now. This allowed me to be more present with my family while working from home and to have a more meaningful life full of joy in helping others. This would later become a huge part of this story.

Fast forward to this year. My son, now in first grade, liked going to school, enjoyed his friends and loved learning and was even progressing in academics very well. But, I was seeing the emotional impact that school was having on him and I felt that he was reaching the point that his potential and his capabilities were starting to be held back. I know this is not unusual in a classroom with 19 kids who all have different abilities, learning styles, emotions, behaviors, and so on. Kids adapt and teachers do have the amazing tools to support some of their students with special programs and activities so kids can learn at their pace. But, as a mother watching her son in school and having that intuitive knowing about her child, I knew it was time to take him out of this and educate him in a way that he could experience his fullest and greatest potential.

Once I knew that, our family started talking about homeschool more seriously and I began doing research again. I scoured the internet for blogs and articles and ideas. I attended the local homeschool convention, visited our local homeschool co-op, met new homeschool families and picked their brains, and even took our kids over to watch our new friends “do school” one day. We had hours of family conversations before we made our final decision. It’s scary and exciting to the kids and me too, of course. There are so many unknowns, especially since they have both been in school and now I am going to wear both the “Mom” and “Teacher” hats.

The other day I was sitting in the quiet thinking about the things that have led us to this point. I am so grateful that I even have the opportunity of a choice to homeschool my boys. That freedom is such a blessing.

What had God put into place so many years ago that brought me to this point?

He put people in my life who have taught their children who can support us with my many questions and probably my emotional meltdowns (because I am sure I will have those). He opened my heart and mind to an opportunity with a network marketing company doTERRA Essential Oils that would allow me flexibility and freedom I didn’t know was possible. I am still in awe of this because I was so closed to MLM businesses for so long. But, years ago I had a vision that I would teach others in my home. I didn’t know what that meant at the time, but now I teach about essential oils and will get to educate our children in our home and that vision from the past is becoming very, very clear to me now.

If you are a mom who desires to homeschool and you can’t see a way, you are not alone. And, I believe whole-heartedly that there is always a way if you seek the desires of your heart and make a way for it.

Here are some things to consider if you are serious about the idea of homeschooling:

1. Why is it important to you and your family for your children to consider homeschooling?

2. Do you have the time and financial freedoms to homeschool?

3. Are your children happy, engaged and learning at their fullest potential in public school?

4. What are the reasons you want to homeschool? (you may want to make a pros and cons list)

5. Is your spouse/partner or other parent supportive of the idea?

Feel free to email me at moc.gnirehtomevitiutninull@hannah if you want to chat. I’d love that!