In 2011, my life was a mess. My marriage was rocky (to say the least) and in September of that year, I contemplated moving out and even took my 15-month-old son on the search for a new home. At that time, money was so tight and debt was piling up fast I could barely stand to get out of bed in the morning and be excited about life. I couldn’t even be the kind of mom to my kid that I wanted to be because I was so wrapped up in my own emotional junk. The following month, in October, my mother, trusted advisor and dearest friend, told me she had breast cancer at the age for 58 years old.

“Life sucks,” I thought. “Poor me.”

How was I going to escape this and wake up from this nightmare to a better life?

“Why is this happening? God, where are you?”

It’s hard to tell yourself “this is happening for a reason.” That’s BS. I wanted to know “why” and that is never a question that can be answered. In hindsight, I see how all of these events enabled me to become a stronger human being, be a better wife and mother and grow to support others in a way I never thought I could. I can also see that some of my challenges were minimal compared to the sufferings of what many people are dealing with today. But, in those moments it was excruciatingly difficult to see a way out.

The following spring, my chiropractor invited me to come to her office and learn more about essential oils. “No thanks” was my response seven times. “I don’t need those fancy, expensive essential oils.” Plus, I was adamantly opposed to those “horrible” network marketing things. Been there done that. Then one day she called me AGAIN to come and learn and I caved. In thinking on it, I did indeed have an interest in learning how to more effectively use essential oils in my massage practice. I was using some off brand essential oils already, so I decided I’d be okay with learning how to use the ones I had in a better way. I went to my chiropractor’s office and met up with a gal who was in town teaching about the benefits of doTERRA essential oils. As I sat alone with her, she went over a few things about purity, quality, potency…blah blah blah….”the sales pitch” I thought to myself. Then a book she had caught my eye. The title was “Emotions and Essential Oils.” Wait a minute. Hold the phone. Essential oils can help with emotions?! I quickly flipped through the book’s index and found several key emotions and events that we were experiencing in our home.











Wait, what? Essential oils were going to help address these emotions? I had no idea! How could this be? I mean, I did know about Lavender being peaceful but that was about it. I snatched up her book and took it home to dive into. Yes, this was definitely going to be an answer to my prayers.

A couple of weeks later, I attended a class on the uses and benefits of essential oils. I had been using essential oils for nearly 20 years at that time, but I had no clue that they could be used for so many things and that quality and purity mattered so much. That “blah, blah, blah” conversation I had previously had with that gal was starting to click and make sense to me. And, even though I was already open to natural remedies for everything from cleaning to well-being, I wasn’t quite open to the idea of essential oils that came from a network marketing company. Then she explained the company and how amazing doTERRA is and about the top 10 oils that I could use to take care of my family and I was hooked. In the past, I had really only used Lavender on my burns and in a cheap plug-in diffuser for calming or a blend here and there for the occasional headache I was having, but my eyes were opened that day. Purity matters. Sourcing of essential oils matters. Quality oils without pesticides, chemicals and fillers in them matters. My friend explained my options and I left the class with my order of the top 10 oils that would arrive on my doorstep a few days later.

My husband was going to be on board with essential oils for wellness but how was I going to convince him to use oils for his mood and emotions? I didn’t yet have a diffuser, so I couldn’t use that to provide our home with the best way to impact mood and support us in the greatest way possible with our ever-changing emotional state. So, I got creative and made an essential oil diffuser out of tissue with frankincense oil and started there. Each night for several days I would tuck the aromatherapy therapy tissue with a drop of the oil on it safely between his pillow and the pillowcase. Thankfully, he didn’t know what I was doing at the time. I offered him a foot massage and sneaked a few drops of calming essential oils into the lotion. Determined to change the mood and habits of negative behavior of our home, I was willing to try anything!

Since that time six years ago a lot has changed. Through dedication to work on our marriage, counseling and lots of prayer we became stronger, happier and more in love. We now own several aromatherapy diffusers so I don’t have to sneak oils onto my family anymore, as they welcome the beautiful aroma that sets the emotional tone for the morning, afternoon or evening in our home.

In the spring of 2014, cancer took my mother’s life. The grief that accompanies the loss of a loved one is intense. Though her life was lived fully, I was saddened that she didn’t get to live a full life. During the next several months following her death, I would use oils like Balance Grounding Blend, Citrus Bliss Invigorating Blend, Serenity Restful Blend, Elevation Joyful Blend, Console Comforting Blend and Peace Reassuring Blend on days that grief was overcoming to me. Grief still comes in waves even years later. Turning to the peaceful aromas of essential oils and my faith in knowing I will one day be reunited with her are the things that help me through.

What began as my skepticism of doTERRA essential oils turned into a love and eventually on to sharing that love with others. Now, I help people in their own physical and emotional life challenges and I get to call it a “job.” Our healthcare system is broken and people need help. Individuals and families are looking for a way out of their pain and suffering both emotionally and physically and are now turning to natural options because nothing else is working. If I can be the light for just one person to discover there is a way out of their suffering through the use of essential oils, then I know what I am doing is good.

Are you in pain? Are you suffering emotionally or physically? Are you a mother who desperately wants support for her children in an emotional and physical way? Are you hurting in your marriage and want it to work? Consider something natural and safe to be the answer you have been looking for so desperately.

If you desire to talk through your struggles with no obligation to purchase anything, please consider reaching out for a free consultation. You need to be heard. Your struggles should not go unspoken and you deserve support from someone who cares.

Light and love to you.