If you are mom like me, you can never be too prepared when it comes to taking care of your kids, but you don’t want to have to spend a lot of money in the process. Did you know that doTERRA essential oils are just pennies per drop? One drop of Lavender essential oil, for instance, is just 8 cents. With a 15mL bottle full of 250 drops, that will last your family a very long time. When you join as a wholesale member, you will enjoy the benefits of purchasing essential oils at 25% off the retail price and you only have to purchase one product a year to remain an active wholesale member.

As a wholesale member of my doTERRA team, I want you to be happy and joyful, without frustration, when it comes to using and learning about your essential oils. You will have access to my private Intuitive Mothering with Essential Oils Facebook page that is packed full of education and support to have you feeling educated and knowledgeable to care for the many health and wellness needs of your family.

Here are Some Great Kits to Start Out With

Emotional Aromatherapy Kit

$195 includes membership

Home Essentials Kit

$275 includes membership


When you join with one of doTERRA’s amazing kits, you also get ongoing support from me and my amazing team!

One of my greatest pleasures as an essential oils lover and sharer of the oils is to create a stockpile of essentials for our wellness cabinet to meet every need from immune support to respiratory support and even toning down those BIG moods that come out of our tiny children. You will always have support and guidance every step of the way when begin your essential oil journey with me. You can also find some awesome DIY recipes here.

Be supported. Be educated. Be well. Be your best.


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