Creating More Time

On 07 August 2015 , tags: life, mothering, work 0 Comments

Several months ago I had a friend say to me, "Hannah, if I have to stay up until 1:00am emailing and working on my business, I can't do this." I had emailed her a few days earlier while I was up working late into the night as my family slept and I had some quiet time to myself. But, ...

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Nesting Tips from a Pregnant Mama

On 23 January 2013 , tags: life, pregnancy 0 Comments

If you are anything like me, you are having an overwhelming feeling to get your house in order before your baby arrives. My nesting instincts kicked in hard just as I approached 18 weeks pregnant. I woke up one Saturday morning with the urge to organize the I did. As I kept opening closets and drawers throughout my house, ...

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Organizing, minimizing and keeping money in my pocket

On 18 April 2012 , tags: life 0 Comments

After spending two weekends cleaning out and organizing the garage, I am convinced that organized people have more money. I found six pair of cleaning gloves under the mountain of junk and construction materials. I am certain that I don't need six pair, but I ended up with that many because I couldn't find them when I needed them. Therefore, ...

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Digging out of my clutter

On 13 April 2011 , tags: health, life, mothering 4 Comments

I am kind of a no frills kind of gal. I'm not in need of a lot of things to keep me a happy, functioning wife and mother. But, as I look around my house, I feel overwhelmed. Where did all this junk come from!? This is inspiring me to become a minimalist! I recently read that we only wear ...

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We don't live in a bubble.

On 29 March 2011 , tags: family, life, mothering 0 Comments

And here I was thinking that the only people who read my blog are a handful of my closest friends. Boy. Was. I. Wrong. I am guessing that if you are a mother with small children that the internet really became popular when you were between the ages of 10 and 20. I happened to be 15 when I ...

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The Book I Cannot Be Without

On 30 August 2010 , tags: life, mothering, parenting 0 Comments

I am a natural birthing, breastfeeding, baby wearing, sleep sharing, non-circumcising mommy and this book helps me do that the best way I can. The Baby Book my Dr. William Sears and Martha Sears is my go to book for all kinds of questions. I have referred to it for anything from newborn procedures, to potty training, to growth and breastfeeding. ...

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Green Your Clean for Baby

On 29 March 2010 , tags: health, life 0 Comments

We all want to live in a clean, disinfected home, especially when we have a baby. Have you ever stopped to think about the chemicals that your baby is exposed to? How about bath time? Or baby learning to crawl on the kitchen floor? Did you just bleach the tub, mop the floor with chemical disinfectants, or put down carpet deodorizer before vacuuming? What happens to ...

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Green Products I Love

On 19 March 2010 , tags: children, life, mothering 1 Comments

Recently, I attended a cloth diapering demonstration and met Kristi Rooks from Hip Green Baby. I bought all kinds of organic and eco-friendly baby products for our little one on the way. Here are just a few of the products that she carries that I LOVE and highly recommend! Unbleached Cotton Prefold Diapers Amber Teething Necklaces Maggies Soap Nuts Liquid Cleaner Waterproof Diaper ...

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Organic Coconut Oil for the Blooming Belly

On 18 March 2010 , tags: life, mothering, pregnancy 2 Comments

Recently, my mom was in town and brought with her some coconut oil she uses for everything. I love to cook and bake with it myself, but hadn't yet tried to lather it on my belly yet because I have been using my new Earth Mama Angel Baby Stretch Oil (which I love, love love!). My mom also ...

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Stretch Marks Anyone?

On 24 February 2010 , tags: life, mothering 4 Comments

Currently, I am trying two different products on my 24 week, growing, stretching belly. I believe it is really important to be careful, especially during pregnancy, about what you put on your skin. What you put on or in will get to baby. Use organic, chemical free, paraben free products that aren't made with artificial preservatives when at all possible. One product ...

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