From Homebirth to Hospital: This is my story.

On 23 June 2013 , tags: birth, health, mothering, pregnancy 1 Comments

I believe that our bodies were created to birth our babies. I believe in empowering women to make their own choices about their bodies, their birth and their babies. I believe that birth is safe outside of the hospital for healthy, low risk women. (my first son was born at home.) But, most of all, I believe in the health, ...

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Homebirth and Breast Cancer

On 13 April 2012 , tags: birth, health 2 Comments

Homebirth and cancer. Kind of an odd combo, huh? I know what you are thinking. What do those two even have in common? Well, I'll tell ya. F.E.A.R. On November 10, 2011 my mom - my dear friend and confidant - told me she had breast cancer. My mother, who had breastfed five babies for a total of nearly seven years, ...

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Every square inch....

On 06 May 2011 , tags: health 0 Comments

...of my body hurts SO good! Why, you ask? Stroller Strides is the best workout I have had in years! The Ultimate Mommy Giveaway includes a gift certificate to Stroller Strides. (I am jealous.) My friend, Cindy, is the new owner of Stroller Strides. We will miss Maggie and wish her well on her new ventures. I went to Stroller Strides classes two times ...

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Digging out of my clutter

On 13 April 2011 , tags: health, life, mothering 4 Comments

I am kind of a no frills kind of gal. I'm not in need of a lot of things to keep me a happy, functioning wife and mother. But, as I look around my house, I feel overwhelmed. Where did all this junk come from!? This is inspiring me to become a minimalist! I recently read that we only wear ...

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Intuitive Mothering: A child with burns

On 31 March 2011 , tags: health, mothering 5 Comments

A 7 year old with the beginning signs of ADHD. Ulcerative colitis that plagued the 16 year old. A 7 month old suffering from spinal meningitis. An emergency appendectomy for the 12 year old. The 28 year old having emergency surgery for an ectopic pregnancy while the 26 year old has simultaneity developed a bad case of mastitis just days after the birth of her ...

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Intuitively Mothering a Sick Baby

On 16 March 2011 , tags: health 0 Comments

Perhaps it is because they told my sister 14 years ago that she would not be cured from ulcerative colitis without steroids and having her colon removed...she didn't do either. or Maybe it is because I was prescribed Zoloft and Prozac in high school to "cure" my depression and instead it made me a little bit crazy. or Possibly because I have read ...

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Pregnancy Massage Special

On 07 April 2010 , tags: health, work 0 Comments

April and May Special 60 Minute Prenatal Massage - $40 I have been a Licensed Massage Therapist and have worked with pregnant women for 5 years. Massage is a wonderful way to stay comfortable and relaxed during pregnancy and prepare for a enjoyable, safe, and healthy birth. Availability: April - Monday and Wednesday (10am - 7pm) May - Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday (10am - 7pm) Space is ...

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Green Your Clean for Baby

On 29 March 2010 , tags: health, life 0 Comments

We all want to live in a clean, disinfected home, especially when we have a baby. Have you ever stopped to think about the chemicals that your baby is exposed to? How about bath time? Or baby learning to crawl on the kitchen floor? Did you just bleach the tub, mop the floor with chemical disinfectants, or put down carpet deodorizer before vacuuming? What happens to ...

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The Amazing Body of a Woman

On 22 March 2010 , tags: fertility, health 1 Comments

Have you ever stopped to really ponder and appreciate what amazing beings we are as women? At birth we have all the eggs we will have for the rest of our lifetime. These give us the ability to conceive. When puberty begins, we start our cycle. At that time we are given physical signs by our body as clues to ...

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Protein in Pregnancy

On 03 March 2010 , tags: food, health 1 Comments

"Eat your protein!" That is what everyone seems to be telling me. "It helps the baby grow." "You need 80-100 grams while pregnant." Apparently I have been having trouble getting adequate protein. Now, I am keeping a food diary to account for every gram I eat for two weeks. I am not a big meat eater. In fact, I am not ...

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