We love our rabbit food!

On 11 April 2012 , tags: food 0 Comments

Tuesday is food co-op day and we love that day! Little Buddy and I excitedly get to pick up our bin of fresh, organic fruits and veggies. As summer approaches we are finally starting to get some really exciting foods in our bin and cabbage is one of them. We make Brussels sprouts a lot around here too, and ...

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Salt in my underwear

On 11 April 2011 , tags: food, mothering 0 Comments

I was a nanny for a while in my mid 20's. The family I worked for had four children ages 14, 12, 6 and 4 at the time. It was a part-time job and I worked 3 days a week, which was plenty enough for me. I had just graduated massage school and had high hopes of starting my ...

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Mmm...Fluffy Pancakes!

On 08 April 2011 , tags: food 0 Comments

Apparently I have a hankering for baked goods lately. I like fiddling around in the kitchen changing up recipes and making new creations. Now that my little man is eating food, I like to prepare one meal that we can have as a family instead of a grown up meal and a baby meal. Baby Led Weaning is awesome ...

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Carrot Muffins...(ahem, Birthday Cupcakes)

On 07 April 2011 , tags: food 0 Comments

My husband turned 30 something this week. I must brag on him for a moment. When I was pregnant we would talk about the kind of parents we hoped to be and how we planned to raise our children. Let me tell you, he has far surpassed my expectations as a father. Frequent outings to home improvements stores, Saturdays ...

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No More Food Fights!

On 28 March 2011 , tags: children, food 0 Comments

I grew up eating delicious meals. My mom is an amazing cook. We always ate a variety of foods and gathered as a family at the kitchen table for our meals. I went on to marry a guy who loves all kinds of food. He eats everything I put in front of him. Of course, there was the one ...

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Protein in Pregnancy

On 03 March 2010 , tags: food, health 1 Comments

"Eat your protein!" That is what everyone seems to be telling me. "It helps the baby grow." "You need 80-100 grams while pregnant." Apparently I have been having trouble getting adequate protein. Now, I am keeping a food diary to account for every gram I eat for two weeks. I am not a big meat eater. In fact, I am not ...

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Raw and Organic Foods

On 27 September 2009 , tags: food, health, life 3 Comments

Lately, I have been inspired to take a hard look at the foods I am eating. My husband and I eat the same things but probably should not. He physically trains hard to build lean muscle and gain weight. I am looking to be healthy and prepare my body to grow a baby. Thankfully, he is open to eating ...

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Nutrition: This for That

On 07 September 2009 , tags: food, health 0 Comments

Start thinking about how to eat differently in order to maintain your health and the health of your growing baby even before you become pregnant. It is really important to prepare your body ahead of time to allow for the best environment for your growing baby and so that you feel your best while pregnant. Changing your bad eating habits ...

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Kickin' It

On 21 July 2009 , tags: fertility, food, health 1 Comments

My bad habit that is. Caffeine I have had a hunch that is been affecting my fertility. When we conceived last summer, I was not drinking caffeine. But, because of my work schedule these days, I have been drinking more coffee in the past several months. I would say that I drink an average of 12 oz. per day. That isn't ...

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