Potty Time!

On 13 September 2012 , tags: children, parenting 1 Comments

Everyone always told me that boys do the whole potty training thing later than girls. Having just turned two in June, I didn't push the issue. Although, he did get a cool, singing potty chair from Grandma and PaPaw for his birthday, but it remained in the corner of the bathroom untouched. He did, however, like to pour water in ...

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The Porn Epidemic

On 04 May 2012 , tags: children, family 0 Comments

My first exposure to pornography was in 1996. In my innocence, I picked up a magazine wrapped in plastic that was hidden behind a shelf at my local small town bookstore. I quickly put it back when I realized what it was. Back then, pornography was "only" an $8 billion industry according to the US News &World Report. Today, with ...

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Reader Question on Circumcision

On 20 April 2012 , tags: children 0 Comments

I received a question from a reader about the stats I posted on here about circumcision. Her question was about my following comment: "According to a study done in 2010, only 32% of boys were circumcised. Your son will now be the minority if you chose to circumcise him." She was curious to know if this was a national or worldwide statistic. The ...

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Responsibility and Passion

On 06 April 2012 , tags: children, mothering 0 Comments

My parents always instilled in us kids the importance of taking responsibility for ourselves. My first job was working for my dad when I was 12. He owned an office supply store and my family went down once a week after hours to clean. I worked in the office during the summers until I was 14 and could drive, ...

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My child got a frenectomy and I lived to tell about it!

On 01 July 2011 , tags: children, mothering 2 Comments

I just found out a couple of months ago that I can't do it all. Yes, I am admitting it....I am human. I can do a lot of things. In fact, I am doing a pretty darn good job and being a part-time working mother and wife if you ask me. But, my mom likes to say "just because ...

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Baby Teeth Update

On 08 June 2011 , tags: children, mothering 1 Comments

Many of you have been asking about LB's surgery. I appreciate your thoughts and concerns. I am one anxious mommy over here. So here is an update. Our original plan to travel to New York has been replaced by plan B. I found out that the dentist I saw growing up in Kansas now does the same type of laser ...

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Babywearing - How do you choose between them all?

On 26 April 2011 , tags: children, mothering 2 Comments

I became fascinated with babywearing long before I got pregnant.  Some friends of mine were wearing babies and I just knew I would have to jump on that bandwagon!  Often times I hear mommies tell me how intimidating that babywearing is to them. I am here to tell you that it can be fun once you get the hang of ...

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No More Food Fights!

On 28 March 2011 , tags: children, food 0 Comments

I grew up eating delicious meals. My mom is an amazing cook. We always ate a variety of foods and gathered as a family at the kitchen table for our meals. I went on to marry a guy who loves all kinds of food. He eats everything I put in front of him. Of course, there was the one ...

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Circumcision: Hygiene and Disease Control

On 13 March 2011 , tags: children 0 Comments

There are many considerations new parents have to look into when making the choice about circumcision. Hygiene, disease, and infection are an understandable concern. The circumcision rate during the 70's, 80's and 90's was much higher than it is now. Many expectant parents who were born during that era are choosing to make different decisions based on research and recent ...

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Moby Wraps: Why I love Moby snuggles

On 04 March 2011 , tags: children, mothering 1 Comments

My son was born three days before Father's Day. We were planning to have company for lunch to celebrate. Feeling like a very territorial new mother, I went into mama bear mode. I wrapped my baby snug into the Moby next to my chest not feeling particularly interested in passing him around that day. He slept soundly through the meal ...

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