Your Body is Not a Lemon

On 25 July 2012 , tags: birth, breastfeeding, mothering, pregnancy 0 Comments

I must say, I just recently just discovered what in the world Ina May Gaskin's famous saying, "Your body is not a lemon", really means. Sitting around talking with all my birthy friends at a dinner table right next to Ina May herself, no doubt, I got the answer. Turns out I was WAY OFF! A lemon is a car, often new, ...

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My toddler loves his "mi-mi"

On 09 April 2012 , tags: breastfeeding, mothering 0 Comments

I must say, I had no expectations of what breastfeeding was going to be like. I only knew that I was going to do it. My mother nursed all five of her own children and I didn't really know any other way. One evening when I was pregnant, my husband and I were discussing how long to breastfeed. He came ...

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Dirty feet and flash mobs

On 10 July 2011 , tags: breastfeeding, mothering 0 Comments

Tonight I noticed my feet are dirty. Little Buddy has dirty feet too. It's summertime! I can barely open the front door to get the mail before LB tries to slip past me and out to FREEDOM. That's my nature boy for you. We pass the time away by running through sprinklers and playing in a $10 plastic kiddie pool ...

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Are you STILL breastfeeding?!

On 27 April 2011 , tags: breastfeeding 7 Comments

I frequently get asked two questions. Are you still breastfeeding? and How long do you plan on breastfeeding? The answers are YES! and I don't know. Hmm, I wonder why people are amazed at my answers?  After all, my baby is only 10 months old. I feel like I have just gotten started, not nearing the end. Still breastfeeding. That sounds like such ...

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My Mommy's Milk is Best

On 26 March 2011 , tags: breastfeeding 0 Comments

A little Eli inspired poem for you today... My Mommy's Milk is Best I love my mommy's milk you see, because it is the very best for me. It's packed full of lipase, oxytocin, A, E, C, D, and K, endorphins, melatonin, prostaglandins, zinc, and DHA. I eat my milk at whatever time I choose, my mommy never does refuse. I eat in ...

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The thing about breastfeeding is....

On 21 March 2011 , tags: breastfeeding 1 Comments

It is... natural. pure. nourishing. inexpensive. bonding. beautiful. It is not... gross. obscene. lacking in anything. I always knew I was going to breastfeed my babies. I grew up watching my mom nurse. The earliest memory I have of her was when I was two and a half. She was nursing my little sister while sitting in a blue rocking chair eating crackers and ...

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World Breastfeeding Week

On 03 August 2010 , tags: breastfeeding 0 Comments

My last post was on breastfeeding, but in light of it being World Breastfeeding Week, I would like to share a few more thoughts. Did you think about breastfeeding when you were pregnant? I did. And, in my mind I really thought it would be a cinch. I would just buy a special bra, slap in a nursing pad, and ...

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The Joy of Breastfeeding

On 19 July 2010 , tags: breastfeeding 1 Comments

Yes, it is a commitment. Yes, it can be challenging. Yes, it takes a bit of an effort to learn. Yes, it takes a lot of mommy's time. Yes, there can be soreness and trauma. But, it is OH. SO. WORTH. IT! I love to feel little fingers tickle my back as his arm dangles under mine while he eats. I ...

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Birth Trauma and Breastfeeding Remedies

On 05 July 2010 , tags: birth, breastfeeding 0 Comments

Wouldn't it be nice if our bodies and babies came with a guidebook specifically for written for each of us? We could know ahead of time that labor could potentially be 25 hours long. We could plan on how to deal with the back labor and the third degree tears. The cracking, bleeding nipples from breastfeeding would be anticipated and ...

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Sore Nipples

On 28 February 2010 , tags: breastfeeding 3 Comments

Thank goodness for the mommies who have gone before me. I admittedly don't know everything about pregnancy, childbirth. and beyond and I welcome the advice and support. My first trimester of pregnancy was a bit rough. I had spotting from 5 weeks until 12 weeks. On top of that, I was nauseated and throwing up from week 9ish to week 13ish. ...

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