Movie Pick of the Week

On 17 March 2009 , tags: birth, life, pregnancy 0 Comments

Tonight I watched a National Geographic film called "In the Womb". It is a fascinating documentary of conception to birth. Although I don't agree with some of the things they were advocating, such as 3D and 4D ultrasounds, I found it to be a great education resource. The woman had a natural birth on her hands and knees with a ...

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A Birth Story

On 16 March 2009 , tags: birth, pregnancy 0 Comments

One great reason to hire a doula is for the birth story you get after your baby is born. So many things happen during labor and the birth of your precious new baby, that you can't always remember them all. A birth story is a great way to capture the memory of that. I have written a story below of ...

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Baby Alayna

On 09 March 2009 , tags: birth, pregnancy 2 Comments

What a great birth of Baby Alayna!! I have an awesome birth story to follow very soon. The team of midwives that came to her home birth. Being the doula for Rachel and Andrew.

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Two Unplanned Home Birth Stories

On 08 March 2009 , tags: birth, pregnancy 0 Comments

I will post my version of these stories very soon. For now, please read Donna's blog for the great story. They are absolutely wonderful! What an eventful week of births.

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A Question for the Doc

On 22 February 2009 , tags: birth, health, pregnancy 2 Comments

In recently attending two births with whom my clients had the same doctor, neither one delivered while their doctor was on call. This means that they each got the doctor in that group of four in the practice that was on call that evening/weekend. I was able to see first hand the practices of each. One of which I was ...

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Movie of the Week

On 11 February 2009 , tags: birth, etc… 0 Comments

If you plan on having a baby, you HAVE to see the movie....The Business of Being Born. I first saw this movie about 2 months ago. I have it in my media collection if you would like to check it out from me. It is an eye opening documentary that gets right down the what truly goes on with birth ...

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Pregnancy and Birth Advocacy

On 10 February 2009 , tags: etc…, fertility, pregnancy 0 Comments

Yesterday I received an email from a woman in Virginia who works at Birth Matters in Richmond. She is advocating mother-and baby-friendly pregnancy and birth care so that more mainstream audiences are educated about their options. Birth Matters Virginia (an organization that works to promote an evidence-based model of maternity care) is inviting mothers, fathers, filmmakers, film students, birth advocates, and ...

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Happy Birthday Anson!

On 07 February 2009 , tags: birth 0 Comments

Yesterday baby Anson was born. He weighed 9 lb. 10 oz. and was 21 inches long. His mom had a natural birth and did a great job...hubby did a great job too! With six hours of labor he was born yesterday at 3:10pm. Thanks for letting me be at your birth! Welcome to the world baby Anson!

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The Circumcision Decision

On 28 January 2009 , tags: children 2 Comments

It wasn't until recently that I became fully aware of exactly what circumcision entailed. I had every intention of circumcising my son in the event that we would have one some day. Now that I am involved with childbirth, I understand what all is involved. I am a big believer of being educated and informed before making decisions. I hope ...

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Get Support - Hire a Doula

On 24 January 2009 , tags: birth, life, pregnancy 0 Comments

Yesterday I was very excited to learn that had picked up my previous blog on the home birth and posted it on their blog! I have recently become a registered member of their organization (at no cost). It is a great website and forum for all aspects of pregnancy and birth. What a great way to network with other professionals ...

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