Why I am a FAM girl

On 27 July 2009 , tags: fertility, pregnancy 2 Comments

FAM - Fertility Awareness Method and NFP - Natural Family Planning Methods I often use the description of birth control like this. Men are fertile every single day of their lives from the age they hit puberty until the day they die. Women are fertile 12-24 hours of each month. So, to me, the idea that birth control methods that fall completely ...

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Earth Mama Angel Baby Giveaway

On 26 July 2009 , tags: etc…, life 0 Comments

"Organic Baby Products 101" Blog is having an Earth Mama Angel Baby product giveaway! These are amazing, sustainable, organic products for mommy and baby. I love all of their products and recommend them to my clients. Winner will be selected in August 2nd, so hurry and enter. Click here for contest details. Here is what you are eligible to win: Happy ...

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Sneak "Peak" on Fertility

On 23 July 2009 , tags: fertility 0 Comments

Remember my post on Birth Control and Pregnancy Achievement? If you are trying to conceive (or not), it is nice to be aware of your most fertile or "peak" day of fertility. If you already chart your cycles, you are aware of how this works. If not, the following information may be very helpful. Charting the Most Fertile Day of Your ...

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Kickin' It

On 21 July 2009 , tags: fertility, food, health 1 Comments

My bad habit that is. Caffeine I have had a hunch that is been affecting my fertility. When we conceived last summer, I was not drinking caffeine. But, because of my work schedule these days, I have been drinking more coffee in the past several months. I would say that I drink an average of 12 oz. per day. That isn't ...

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Blog Facelift

On 19 July 2009 2 Comments

Ok, I know it is a little hard to read, but I am trying out my new skills with "paint". A program that I have decided I do not like. So, enjoy for now and I will pretty it up later!

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A Conversation on Birth Choices

On 19 July 2009 , tags: birth, pregnancy 2 Comments

It's inevitable. You get a group of women together and childbirth will most likely come up. Especially if anyone of them is pregnant. It seems like this topic has come up a lot lately in discussions I have been a part of. There are so many different ideas out there on caregivers, childbirth classes, where to have your baby, breastfeeding, ...

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Breast is Best

On 16 July 2009 , tags: breastfeeding 1 Comments

Breastfeeding Facts Breastmilk is the best food for infants and small children: Reduces the risk of allergic reations and asthma Provides babies with the most easily digested food Promotes healthy growth and development Studies indicate a higher I.Q. among breastfed babies Protects against cancer and diabetes Transmits mother's immunities Leads to fewer ear and respiratory infections May protect against Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) Yields health benefits ...

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Organic Product Suggestions?

On 15 July 2009 , tags: life 0 Comments

I am looking for more suggestions on great, organic mommy and baby items or products. Anyone have anything they recommend...can't live without?

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Homebirth: Not Just for the Crunchy, Country Folks

On 13 July 2009 , tags: birth, pregnancy 1 Comments

Recently, I have had many women comment about their "normal" friends birthing at home. Many people are under the misconception that only "weird" people have babies at home. I can tell you that growing up I may have been guilty to think that only certain types of people had babies at home. I now know differently. I grew up in ...

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Childbirth Education

On 11 July 2009 , tags: birth, pregnancy 5 Comments

Did you prepare for your birth with childbirth education classes? Lamaze, Bradley, HypnoBirthing or another? Why or why did you not choose to take a class? What class did you take? Tell me about your experiences and how it affected your birth.

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