Creating More Time

On 07 August 2015 , tags: life, mothering, work 0 Comments

Several months ago I had a friend say to me, "Hannah, if I have to stay up until 1:00am emailing and working on my business, I can't do this." I had emailed her a few days earlier while I was up working late into the night as my family slept and I had some quiet time to myself. But, ...

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From Homebirth to Hospital: This is my story.

On 23 June 2013 , tags: birth, health, mothering, pregnancy 1 Comments

I believe that our bodies were created to birth our babies. I believe in empowering women to make their own choices about their bodies, their birth and their babies. I believe that birth is safe outside of the hospital for healthy, low risk women. (my first son was born at home.) But, most of all, I believe in the health, ...

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Top Five Reasons You Need a Childbirth Class

On 22 April 2013 , tags: birth, pregnancy 0 Comments

Are you pregnant and trying to decide if you'll take a childbirth class? Educating yourself is an excellent way to prepare for a healthy pregnancy, an amazing birth and a healthy new baby. Top Five Reasons YOU Need a Childbirth Class 1. Knowledge is Power. Classes can help mothers and fathers truly understand what to expect during pregnancy, how to confidently prepare for ...

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Protect Your Pregnancy and Birth

On 04 March 2013 , tags: birth, mothering, pregnancy 1 Comments

Several years ago I began to truly understand the mind, body connection. When I delved into the world of birth and even had my first child, the importance of that connection became very clear. I've also seen some very quick births happen after I've had a mother come for an acupressure session where I encourage her to take note of ...

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Nesting Tips from a Pregnant Mama

On 23 January 2013 , tags: life, pregnancy 0 Comments

If you are anything like me, you are having an overwhelming feeling to get your house in order before your baby arrives. My nesting instincts kicked in hard just as I approached 18 weeks pregnant. I woke up one Saturday morning with the urge to organize the I did. As I kept opening closets and drawers throughout my house, ...

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Potty Time!

On 13 September 2012 , tags: children, parenting 1 Comments

Everyone always told me that boys do the whole potty training thing later than girls. Having just turned two in June, I didn't push the issue. Although, he did get a cool, singing potty chair from Grandma and PaPaw for his birthday, but it remained in the corner of the bathroom untouched. He did, however, like to pour water in ...

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Do Not Disturb the Mother

On 29 August 2012 0 Comments

I just finished my first 10-week series of Birth Boot Camp. As I patiently wait for all the mommies to have their precious babes, I am reminded of these six simple words. Please, Do Not Disturb the Mother And, here is my story. My sister had her kids several years before me. I am going to use that as an excuse ...

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Your Body is Not a Lemon

On 25 July 2012 , tags: birth, breastfeeding, mothering, pregnancy 0 Comments

I must say, I just recently just discovered what in the world Ina May Gaskin's famous saying, "Your body is not a lemon", really means. Sitting around talking with all my birthy friends at a dinner table right next to Ina May herself, no doubt, I got the answer. Turns out I was WAY OFF! A lemon is a car, often new, ...

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A Mother's Day Poem

On 13 May 2012 0 Comments

Happy Mother's Day! I hope you enjoy this little poem. The Lanyard The other day I was ricocheting slowly off the blue walls of this room, moving as if underwater from typewriter to piano, from bookshelf to an envelope lying on the floor, when I found myself in the L section of the dictionary where my eyes fell ...

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On 11 May 2012 0 Comments

Two years old is quickly approaching. Seems like just yesterday I was cradling my newborn and getting the hang of the whole breastfeeding thing. I miss my little baby, but I dearly love every stage no matter how hard it can be at times. Next month my little guy turns two and all in the blink of an eye. It's been an adventurous two years. ...

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