Top 10 things to do after your "due date"

Top 10 things to do after your "due date"

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I was a serious nester. I was determined to have my house clean and organized when I got into the nesting mode while pregnant. As my "due date" approached, I wanted the kitchen to be clean every night before going to bed. I didn't want my midwives to come to a birth in my home with a dirty kitchen. I think many of us begin to recognize the reality that a new life is coming soon and things will become vastly different in our households. Some may keep busy and do last minute "just the two of us" things. Others may just relax at home and enjoy the calm before the baby comes.

These days it seems like birth is being scheduled more than ever. But, if you are like me and have and care providers that let you go into labor on your own time frame, chances are you might go past your "due date". How do you keep your mind and emotions in a good place as the days and minutes tick away past the day you anticipated your baby's arrival?

Here are a few helpful ideas to keep you entertained as you await the arrival of your baby past your "due date".

The Top 10 Things To Do Past Your "Due Date"

Do a Belly Cast - If you haven't already done a cast of your belly during your pregnancy, now is the time to do it. I casted my belly just hours before I went into labor. It was a wonderful distraction. I got my supplies at Hobby Lobby for fairly inexpensive. You can buy belly casting kits as well.

Make a frozen casserole or two - There will come a point when the meals stop showing up at the door at 5:30 every night and your mother has returned home. You will be thankful to have a back-up plan in the freezer for a night or two.

Meet a friend for tea - I made plans to meet with my dear friend at Starbucks on my "due date". We had a lovely chat. And, when the barista says "oh, you are so cute, when are you due?" You kindly reply "Just any time now".

Go to the park - My husband and I took a few laps around the pond and fed the ducks during the last days of pregnancy. We visited about the feelings we had about the upcoming birth and enjoyed our last moments as a family of two.

Sort the linen closet - Perhaps if you nest like I do this is already done. But, if not, you might want to organize the sheets, towels, and cleaning supplies. Make way for the baby's towels and wash clothes too! And, put the cleaning supplies high up or in a locked cabinet away from curious crawlers.

Make some "green" cleaning supplies - As you will be welcoming a new baby into your home, it may be a good idea to think about the chemicals and toxins your baby will be exposed to. Very soon your baby will be bathing in those tubs and crawling on the floors. Making your own cleaning supplies from essential oils, a concentrated soap, water, baking soda, washing soda, and some lemons is well worth looking into. You can find recipes online for all kinds of natural cleaning and personal care products.

Write some letters - No one hardly ever gets "real" snail mail anymore. It seems like bills and ads litter our mailboxes these days. Write a hand written letter to your cousin, sister, best friend, or grandparents. Everyone loves getting a letter in their mailbox!

Take a video - The last week I was pregnant my husband and I shot some video of us talking to our unborn baby. We took a tour of our home, showed the birth pool set up, and talked about the price of gas and how much a gallon of milk was at the time. We shared some thoughts, fears, hopes, and dreams. It was really special.

Get a massage - Well, of course I am biased because I think all women should enjoy massages during pregnancy. Massage can help you feel relaxed, rejuvenated, and ready to give birth. Even if you can't get to a professional massage, ask your husband to rub your feet and low back. It is amazing how simply being touched can relax your whole mind and body.

Go on a date - I haven't been to the movie theater in almost a year now. Take the time to go on a fun date, it will never be just the two of you again for the rest of your life! Enjoy your spouse for these last few days. Encourage one another and let him know that he is very special to you and you are looking forward to seeing him be the father of your child.

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