Digging out of my clutter

Digging out of my clutter

On 13 April 2011 , tags: health, life, mothering 4 Comments

I am kind of a no frills kind of gal. I'm not in need of a lot of things to keep me a happy, functioning wife and mother. But, as I look around my house, I feel overwhelmed. Where did all this junk come from!? This is inspiring me to become a minimalist! I recently read that we only wear 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time. So, it made me wonder, what else do I use frequently and what is collecting dust bunnies?

When my house is cluttered and messy when I wake up in the morning, I already feel behind and the day has barely started.

For the past couple of weeks I have been trying to clean out here and there. I started in my closet and gave away five bags of clothes. Then, I moved on to the kitchen pantry and cupboards and filled two more boxed for Goodwill. The spare bedroom closet got reorganized. But, that is about as far as I have gotten with clearing out the clutter.  As I sit here at my desk I have five piles of paperwork and who knows what else that feels overwhelming to me. The garage gets organized just to make space for more clutter. The bookcase is crammed with books I don't read any more and our linen closet...well just don't try and open it.

When we moved to this house over two years ago, my goal was to always have a clean kitchen table and a spot for everything. I think I can make this happen if I could just get organized. Seems to me that if it doesn't have its own space and you can't make space for it then it needs to go.

Do you ever sit and think about what starts the mess to begin with? I blame the mail. I usually get one piece of legit mail and the rest is junk. Then it sits on the table for three weeks until I shred or recycle it.

So, here are my spring cleaning, home improvement, and organizational goals.

  • Be able to park one car in the garage.
  • Gut and redo the upstairs room into a pretty and is relaxing massage room my mid May. Then E can finally have his own room and play space!
  • Relocate paper shredder to a more convienent shredding location.
  • Reorganize my linen/cleaning closet.
  • Move some furniture around for fun.
  • Install new energy efficient front door.
  • Sort through the toy baskets.
  • Organize my desk and the drawers.

Do you have things around your house that you thought you could never live without and got rid of it anyway (and you managed to somehow live through it)?

What are your favorite organizational tips on a shoestring budget? I think it would be lovely to outfit my entire house with products from The Container Store, but honey, it ain't gonna happen.

I'd love to hear your secrets!

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  1. Hannah, you need to check out simplemom.net. She just did a great series on simplifying and decluttering the home. And, she has a book I'm dying to read called "Organized Simplicity." I think it might be just the resource you're looking for!

  2. Ive lived in my house about the same amount of time. We've done some major decluttering in the past few months and a good rule is, if you havent used it since you moved in, you probably arent going to. I need to clean out my kitchen cabinets with that rule in mind ;) We went crazy on our master bedroom and garage and got rid of SO much and it was so wonderful. Its worth it all for that "ahhhhh" feeling.

  3. my trick to keeping the clutter at bay has been to move often. There's nothing like hauling around a couple tons of junk to make you realize you could probably do without a lot of that stuff. That said, my husband and I both get sentimental about more things than we probably should and save it even though it no longer has a purpose. Good luck with your goals, I'm sure you can do it!

  4. I once read a great little article about the two different kinds of organization personalities. My Mom is the "everything must be in its place" and I am the "its place is where I left it" kind of organizer. But in knowing that my things tend to land where they land, I was able to organize with that in mind. For example, instead of hanging my keys up somewhere special, I made a special place for my keys where I tend to drop them most. I've done the same for that pesky daily mail. I put a cute little recycle tub right under the table that the mail gets dumped on. Its handy and it keeps the table clean. Its helped me organize my clutter where I need it most by not trying to change my personality in the process.

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