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I'm Hannah Reasoner. My life is full of love, laughter, and people I dearly love. My husband is an amazing and a wonderful, patient man. He is an incredible gift and support to me. My two boys are full of energy, giggles, roughness and super hero powers!

I grew up in a small Kansas town, went to Arkansas for college, met by husband there and followed him to Texas where we now live.

And, once upon a time, I learned that I could turn every life experience into an opportunity to grow. So, that's what I decided to do!

I set out on a journey to serve women. My greatest joys have come from providing them with care during pregnancy, attending births, educating on family wellness, and coaching entrepreneur women and mothers as they seek to grow and balance life. It is a gift to serve each one.

Through my life and business coaching programs, many women have gained insight into achieving success, balance and inspiration for growing their business. Whether it's just a dream in the making or many years have been invested, I love helping women create vision, insight and possibilities to make their dreams and ideas thrive.

I enjoy reading, listening to motivational speakers, traveling to new and exciting places, and just good old-fashioned time with people and connecting with their hearts.

Life is good. Life has meaning. Life has purpose. Life has potential. Why are you here?


Licensed Massage Therapist 2005
DONA Certified Birth Doula 2009
Prenatal Massage  2010
Labor Massage 2012
Postpartum Massage 2012
Birth Boot Camp Instructor 2012
Clinical Aromatherapy 2013